Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Crack & Keygen Download


Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Crack & Keygen Final Download

Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Crack & Keygen Download

Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Crack Full allows you copy protect your audios, videos, documents and pictures thus that they cannot be duplicated, copied or distributed through illegal means. Copy Protect converts all supported formats into executable applications which run only on the drives they are prepared for. If these files are copied to another drive, they do not run and become useless. Through Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0 Crack, you can permit other users to execute your files but not copy them to their own drive(s) making it possible for data in use security of your most preceding files.

Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Key Features:

Copy Protection

  • Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Keygen is engineered to augment information security through restricting access to your sensitive files.
  • Ideal software for true professionals in the media industry or other corporate media groups, it permits you to easily share your ideas with your peers.
  • Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2 License Key delivers UNBREAKABLE protection for all your media files including your videos, audios, pictures, and documents.

Prevent Duplication

  • Data infringement can lead to lost revenues and loss of intellectual credit, Copy Protect prevents such incidents.
  • Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Serial Key is engineered to stop copying and duplication of films, videos, music, and other copyrighted material.
  • Works with all kinds of popular file extensions, ensuring all kinds of media are safe from data duplication.

Prevent Illegal Distribution

  • Media such as videos, photographs, and presentation cannot be illegally distributed when protected with copy protect.
  • Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Patch thwarts unauthorized re-distribution of all your protected files through its drive-specific restriction mechanism.
  • Ensures your intellectual property will not be illicitly distributed and sold, providing you a piece of mind.

Data Leak Prevention

  • Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Keygen improves your data’s integrity and confidentiality with advanced copy protection technology.
  • Data leaks can end up costing millions of dollars annually in direct losses to individuals and organizations resulting from data leaks.
  • Your copy protected data remains protected even during transfers from your CD/DVD or USB drives to any other drive.

Data-in-use Protection

  • Advance copy protection technology restricts access to your data from whoever tries to run your copy protected applications from drives other than the source drive.
  • Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Crack secures your data and information and permits you to continue using your files in the way you want without worrying about undesirable access to your significant files.
  • Continue using and accessing files casually protected with Copy Protect, without worrying about anyone else copying it.

Highly Secure Burning

  • Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 License Key converts your media files into standalone ‘.EXE’ applications which can be securely viewed and re-distributed.
  • Copy Protect helps you securely distribute your files to clients or other PCs. Through Copy Protect, your information and data are always protected.
  • Freely distribute your intellectual media on CD’s/DVD without having to fret about it being dishonestly copied.

Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows 10

Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Screenshots:

Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Keygen + License Key Download

Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Serial Key + Patch Download

Newsoftwares Copy Protect 2.0.3 Patch + Crack Free Download

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