Windows XP ISO SP3 64bit + 32bit Free Download

Windows XP ISO SP3 64bit + 32bit Highly Compressed Download

Windows XP ISO SP3 64bit + 32bit highly Compressed Download

Windows xp ISO Sp3 Professional 64bit version as well as 32bit version download for free from links given below. Today we are sharing direct and torrent links to download the windows xp iso for free and fast with resume capability. Not just the iso are shared, but also how to install and how to make a usb bootable to install windows xp for free are also discussed in this post. So be with us till the end if you wanna install and use windows xp iso for free.

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Windows XP Professional edition was the first major release of Microsoft in 2001 that became the product of the century immediately and changed the world of computer systems as well as the proved to be a turning point in the operating systems world. No matter how many recent or latest featured updates may come, Windows xp Iso free is still the best windows to work with professionally. Windows XP iso free is the only single windows of its type that even a novice to newbie computer user can work on easily and efficiently. Easy to use, customize and play with. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an expert or professional computer system user, Windows Xp Sp3 has got everything jam packed for you in every aspect of your work.

Windows XP SP3 ISO is the most advanced and up to date version of its predecessor windows xp SP1 and SP2. Windows XP Sp3 Iso free is no doubt, a latest and mostly up to date version of windows xp. but it does not changed the way how you use windows xp or any other related thing on the windows itself. It is just an updated version with some addition of new features and both major and minor bugs fixes for the clean and smooth user experience. You can easily update the Windows XP Free Iso either directly from the Microsoft itself, or you can also download a windows xp iso free from links given a the end of this post, or just simply update from MS if you already have installed windows xp iso on your computer. The choice is your’s.

How to Install Windows XP Iso?

  • Download the Windows Xp Iso For free from link given below.
  • Follow the procedure for the any method you can easily do from 2 of them given below.

Method 1: Installation from Bootable Folder:

  1. Create a folder named as “WinXP” for your ease and put it into the root folder of your computer. Just in case of your computer, the directory of root may be as “C:WINXP”. We will use this folder as a directory to put our windows iso files to be extracted.
  2. For making a successfully bootable folder on your hard drive, You require an “i386” folder on your computer, That you may find in your root directory of windows installation as well. Copy this folder along with everything it contains in it, and paste into the Folder you just created and named as “WinXP”. After doing this step, you should have now this directory as “C:WINXPi386”.
  3. Go to the WINXP folder and create a new text document in the folder. open this newly created text document and type “Windows” without quotes, add a space and hit enter once. Then save this file as “WIN51” including the quotes to make sure it saves without any extension.
  4. You will have to create specific copies of this file depending on what version or edition of windows xp iso you are gonna install. just in case of SP3, The file name should be WIN51IC.SP3 and so on. This file should necessarily be located in the “WINXP” folder.
  5. Rename the setup or exe file of windows XP to “XPSP3.exe” and open command prompt to splitstream the windows xp iso.
  6. Type following command and hit Enter.
    1. C:XPSP3.EXE /integrate:C:XPSETUP

Method 2: Burning on CD Disk:

  1. Download a boot sector from any real download link you want. Just search for it on google and you will find a good one.
  2. Copy all the files from the Windows XP SP3 Iso Professional Free and burn them on to the CD drive via a Burning rom app and a CD drive attached to computer.
  3. Copy the boot sector and paste into main folder while burning data to CD disk.
  4. Enjoy

Method 3: Install Windows XP Iso from Bootable USB:

  1. Download the rufus app from this .
  2. Plug your USB drive into the USB port on your computer.
  3. Select the file system as NTFS from the dropdown menu given in rufus.
  4. Click on the browse button, that should look like a DVD drive with a DVD disk on it (small icon).
  5. Select the Windows XP Iso Image from your directory where you have downloaded it.
  6. Click start.
  7. Wait for rufus to complete the process of making USB bootable for Windows XP Iso Free.
  8. Done. This usb is now bootable having windows xp ready to install on any other computer system.

Minimum System Requirements:

As windows xp is the most light weight and fast windows of its series, but still it requires something to work great as shown below.

  • Minimum pentium 3 or better is recommended.
  • 512 MB Ram as minimum to run smoothly.
  • 2 Gb of hard drive for windows data storage and temporary files processing.
  • And that’s it. windows xp supports everything.


Windows XP ISO SP3 64bit + 32bit Highly Compressed Free Download

Windows XP ISO SP3 64bit + 32bit Highly Compressed Download

Windows XP ISO SP3 64bit + 32bit Full Highly Compressed Free Download from link given below.



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