iBackup Viewer Pro Crack 3.23 Serial Code Keygen Download

iBackup Viewer Pro Crack 3.23 Serial Code Keygen Free Download

iBackup Viewer Pro Crack 3.23 Serial Code Keygen Download

iBackup Viewer Pro Crack 3.23 Full can help you to extract iOS apps’ data from iPhone backups, and preview the files in many different formats. You can save a sole file or all of them very easily. And iBackup Viewer will try to name the file with internal information by default, you can choose your own while saving single file.

iBackup Viewer Pro 3.23 Key Features:

  • Now Supports iCloud Backups

iBackup Viewer Pro Keygen now supports to download backups from iCloud on both Windows and Mac, and open in iBackup Viewer. Moreover, you can download any of the files instead of the complete backup.

  • Encrypted iOS Backups

The Pro version of iBackup Viewer supports extracting all the featured data from encrypted iPhone backups that is formed for privacy protection.

  • Save Backed up Contacts

Simply extract contacts from iPhone backups and export to Mac Address Book or Contacts app. Through iBackup Viewer Pro Serial Key, you can also save contacts as vcards (.vcf) files on disk, that are very portable to share with friends and online mail systems like Gmail.

  • Extract SMS, iMessage Messages & WhatsApp History

The most significant feature of an iPhone backup extractor is recovering messages, iBackup Viewer Pro 3.23 Crack completely supports extracting iMessage and SMS text messages from iTunes backups, displaying iOS styled chat conversations, saving chats to pdf files and printing out to paper. Create HTML files for all messages.

  • Photo and Video Attachments

Messages always comprise photos and video clips to share remembered great moments, iBackup Viewer Pro Crack Code extracts the attachments for displaying and saving to files.

  • Export Voice Memos and Recordings

iBackup Viewer Pro Serial Code can help you to save voice recordings from your iPhone that are extracted from iOS backups made by iTunes. You can extract out all the memos and recordings, and play and preview the voice recordings before saving to computer.

  • Save and Print Phone Call History

You may have many notes which being meant on your iPhone, and you may want to extract the notes and save them on your computer. With iBackup Viewer Pro Patch, it is easy to extract all the notes from iOS backups and save to text files.

  • Extract Photos from iPhone Backups

Don’t worry about losing photos on your iPhone if you have made backups using iTunes. iBackup Viewer can extract photos from iPhone backups, you can save photos to your local hard disk on mac computer very simply with iBackup Viewer.

  • Export Internet Visit History and Bookmarks to Safari

There are many website URLs that visited on iPhone, some of them may be very significant. And you need to save the URLs to Safari, therefore that you can visit the sites on computer without losing them. iBackup Viewer Pro 3.23 Serial Key can extract all the internet visit history and bookmark URLs that can be exported to Safari on mac computer.

  • Preview app files in different mode

You can preview files as text, binary, image and property list format. iBackup Viewer Pro Crack 3.23 will detect the file format mechanically according to the file extension, and show in proper format. Of cause, you may need to change the format of files with fake extensions.


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