ControlMyNikon 5 Crack & License Keygen Free Download

ControlMyNikon 5 Crack & License Keygen Free Download

ControlMyNikon 5 Crack & License Keygen Free Download

ControlMyNikon 5 Crack Full is a professional tethering application for Nikon DSLRs which helps you capture images right from your desktop. It is capable of handling from a simple remote control of your camera up to complex technical shots. Supports for barcode scanners, motorized rails, 3D Controllers, control through external apps and numerous ways to trigger the shutter makes your technical shoot easier. Think to scan a product barcode before shooting with the data embedded in folder and filenames and metadata.

ControlMyNikon 5 Key Features:

  • Generate a list of camera commands as a script and save it and run it anytime you like. Add repeatable accuracy to your workflow.
  • Optional full-screen mode.
  • Multi-monitor support.
  • ControlMyNikon 5 License Key¬†adjust camera settings through an easy to use interface on the PC monitor rather than the tiny LCD display on the camera.
  • Using your keyboard, mouse or voice, command the camera to capture an image. The camera sends the image to the computer where you can review it on the monitor. ControlMyNikon comes with a built-in image viewer which shows the image histogram, therefore, you can see if there are any blown out highlights or shadows.
  • Save your camera settings as a profile. For example, you could have separate profiles for ‘Macro’ and ‘Portrait’. Just load a profile and your camera settings are mechanically adjusted.
  • Use the advanced intervalometer to create a series of time-lapse images or video clips. You can even set a start and stop time and chain it with the bracketing function.
  • ControlMyNikon 5 Patch use the full-featured bracketing function to capture great HDR sequences. You can even chain the intervalometer to bracketing to create time-lapse HDR sequences.
  • Handhold the camera, shoot and have the resulting images displayed on the PC monitor for others to see. No more trying to show others what you just shot on that tiny camera LCD display.
  • See your camera’s Live View (part 1) (part 2) display on your PC monitor. This is great for reviewing the composition and especially for macro shots. Imagine being able to see the Live View image full-screen on your PC monitor, and then zoom in further to ensure you have that perfect focus for a tack-sharp image. Automated focus stacking included.
  • ControlMyNikon 5 Crack store captured image files directly on your computer and mechanically copy them to another folder as an archive. No more plugging in memory cards or distinct image transfer sessions.
  • Easy white balance calibration. Use any white or gray card to ensure that your color balance is always correct.
  • Control your camera with your smartphone or any web browser.
  • Use electronic sensors to trigger the shutter. Temperature, vibration, pressure and many other sensor options available.

Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows 10





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