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BluffTitler Ultimate Full Patch & License Key Free Download

Want to impress your family, friends, and clients with an eye-catching headline, intro, footer, and intro? But don’t you want to use complex and expensive 3D animation software? BluffTitler Ultimate License Key makes adding effects to your videos easy, fun, and affordable! BluffTitler Ultimate Full Version is a powerful animation software that helps you create 3D and HD titles with its various and comprehensive features.

BluffTitler Ultimate Patch can be used for creating, rendering, and playing 3D video effects. It is an easy-to-use software that helps you to create 3D and HD titles. It provides you with the easiest way to create spectacular 3D text animations without having some experience in animating techniques.

BluffTitler Ultimate License Key is a desktop application that allows you to create, render, and play 3D video effects. If you want to create amazing intro videos and 3D titles for work or to impress your audience, BluffTitler is the one for you. Unlike similar tools, this tool makes dazzling your videos with 3D effects easy. Output files can be exported for use on YouTube, Vimeo, Broadcast, LED, Digital Signatures, Business Presentations, Home Videos, Social Media, and many more projects.

BluffTitler Ultimate Serial Key is a real-time 3D video tilter. The result can be played in real-time or exported as a movie file for further processing in DVD authoring tools. Special effects include reflection mapping, light beams, beveled borders, looping plasma effects, real-time shadows, EPS import, particle effects, bump mapping, RSS news feed import, vertex, and pixel shader effects, spinning globe, waving flag, blob rendering, and MPEG or Flash video textures.

BluffTitler Ultimate Key Features:

  • Lots of Templates: The installer comes with hundreds of ready-to-use templates.
  • Powerful Render Engine: BluffTitler Ultimate Keygen uses its 3D rendering engine optimized for text rendering. It converts a font glyph into a 3D model with slants, outlines, and hundreds of other effects. Ligatures, kerns, emojis, slash tails, diacritics, and variations are supported.
  • Super-Fast: BluffTitler Ultimate Activator uses 3D game technology to render your animations in real-time. Video export is very fast.
  • Magically Easy: Sophisticated 3D rendering techniques such as depth of field, displacement, and cube mapping provide easy-to-use effects.
  • Many Export Options: Export your titles as video files (MP4, AVI) or numbered images (JPG, PNG) with the resolution, frame rate, compression, and with or without alpha channels.

What’s new in BluffTitler

(Released on 29-04-2024)

  • Completely revised installer templates!
  • When attaching a layer, the attached layer now becomes the active layer
  • Glow maps are accessible in the MEDIA > Change texture… dialog.
  • MEDIA > Change model… dialog has 3 new checkboxes: Translation, Rotation, and Scale. This controls which aspects of the animation are imported.
  • Support for GLB models with ambient occlusion maps
  • Support for GLB models with roughness maps
  • Support for GLB models with metalness maps
  • Support for GLB models with glow maps
  • Support for GLB models with animated morph targets
  • Scale model joints with SX properties
  • Animation blending. Learn more
  • Physically based rendering (PBR)
  • Soft shadows
  • Support for STL models
  • Emoji 15.0
  • Glow icon on model thumbnails in the file dialog.
  • Glow checkbox in Layer > Active layer properties… dialog to make the whole layer glow.
  • 1 new style in the robotic arm layer: Inverse kinematics, no rotation.
  • 1 new style in the sketch layer: Escalator.
  • 3 new properties in the camera layer: Glow intensity, Glow range & Glow color.
  • 2 new properties in the model layer: Glow & Joint explosion.
  • 1 new property in the sketch layer: Escalator speed.
  • 5 new effects: ProceduralTextures/Sinus, Filters/Crop, Filters/RoundCorners, Special/ShadowOnSkybox & Special/DepthOnly.
  • 2 new special URLs in MEDIA > Change texture… dialog: glow map & prev frame.
  • Number of textures per layer increased from 4 to 5.
  • Model textures are now rendered as thumbnails in the MEDIA > Change texture… dialog
  • Possibility to clear model texture.
  • Unpack the GLB textures by right-clicking on the GLB file and choosing Extract textures…
  • <Ctrl><Shift> now renders all child layers when the active layer is a container layer.
  • Bugfix: GLB models using colour-per-vertex are now correctly loaded.
  • Bugfix: GLB models with lines are now correctly loaded.
  • Bugfix: GLB models without index buffers are now correctly loaded.
  • Bugfix: sorting problem sketch layer fixed.
  • Bugfix: animating the Writer property when using the Pen size progression property in the sketch layer now works as expected.
  • Bugfix: The Specularity property mirror layer is now visible when using the PBR effect.
  • Bugfix: changing Turn all nodes into a JX property checkbox now correctly updates the Model joint property container layer.
  • Updated translations: English, Nederlands, Kreyol, Français, Español, Japanese, Magyar, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Suomi, Arabic, Slovenian, Tamil & Croatian.

System Requirements:

  • 2 GHz processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 80 MB disk space
  • DirectX 11

Operating System:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11


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