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Able2Extract Professional Crack is an all-in-one PDF conversion software that allows you to convert numerous formats (including documents, graphics, and images) to PDF. This app permits you to generate, edit, and convert numerous formats to PDF documents and vice versa. Able2Extract Professional Full Version delivers an easy way to speedily and correctly transfer native PDFs into formatted and editable Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and more famous formats such as HTML, text, AutoCAD, Images, and so on.

Able2Extract Professional Patch allows you to open, view, and convert data from PDF and Text documents. Convert, Create, and Edit PDF Documents Promptly. Get fast and accurate transfers of native PDFs into formatted MS Excel spreadsheets and editable MS Word documents for editing, analysis, and general reversioning. Conversion from PDF to PowerPoint (.ppt), AutoCAD (.dwg), Publisher (.pub), and more are also included. Preserve PDF content when converting PDFs into a huge variety of formats than any other PDF tool on the market. Its PDF technology is powerful enough to handle any number of PDF conversions into several formats, ranging from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, to Publisher, AutoCAD, and numerous image formats.

Get precise results by focusing on the content you want. Able2Extract Professional Serial Key permits users to specifically choose the content which needs to be converted. By keeping images and colors unchanged and formatting and fonts preserved, Able2Extract performs accurate conversions every time. Focus your conversions for the finest results with Able2Extract – a tool that is advanced enough to allow you to extract a page, a section, or only a few lines from your PDF document.

Able2Extract Professional Key Features:

  • Exclusive Pinpoint Conversion

Customize your conversions by selecting individual pages, paragraphs, or even lines to convert.

  • PDF to Word

Easily turn important PDF content into complete Word documents that you can edit. Select one of the available Word output options: Frame, Standard, and Text for different levels of editing. Convert PDF to DOCX, DOC.

  • PDF to Excel

Choose between automatic and custom PDF to Excel converter to convert complex PDF tabular data to Microsoft Excel with the highest fidelity and forget to clean up poorly formatted output again.

  • PDF to PowerPoint

Transfer visual content and professional PDF presentations to editable PowerPoint slides. Edit and improve keynote content in Microsoft PowerPoint.

  • PDF to AutoCAD

Recover CAD drawings by converting PDF to DWG and DXF while preserving vector graphics and text. You can freely work with the converted output in other CAD applications.

  • PDF to Images

Convert PDF images to JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and GIF. Apply image-specific settings for your conversion, such as DPI, image resolution, GIF animation speed, JPEG quality, etc.

  • PDF to Publisher

Convert PDF to Publisher to access, edit and interact with PDF content right in Microsoft Publisher. Correct content intended for professional printing.

  • PDF to Open-Source Formats

Convert PDF to OpenOffice and LibreOffice native formats: Writer (ODT), Calc (ODS), and Impress (ODP).

  • Any Printable File to PDF

Create professional-looking PDFs from over 300 printable file formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other popular file types.

  • Virtual Print Driver

Create PDF files directly from any application that has a “Print” command without having to launch Able2Extract Professional.

  • Advanced PDF Creation

Add file information, security settings, compression algorithms, and various advanced PDF creation options for each PDF file you create.

  • Create a Blank PDF Document

Create your PDF documents and forms from scratch. Create a blank PDF and add as many blank pages as you like.

  • Custom PDF to Excel

Custom PDF to Excel converter allows you to manually define the column and row structure of your data. The customizable PDF to Excel conversion panel provides easy access to visual Excel conversion customization.

  • Conversion Output Preview

Preview the results of PDF to Excel conversion and get the business data you need. Use the PDF preview panel to view and customize the conversion results before converting PDF data to Excel.

  • Keep the original layout & style

Its new Smart Layout Detector constantly checks various table properties to ensure accurate rendering with minimal formatting differences. Cell borders, fonts, merged cells, background, and border colors remain unchanged after conversion.

  • PDF to CSV

Export PDF to CSV (Comma Separated Values) and TSV (Tab Separated Values) formats. Define the structure of columns and rows in a table using the PDF option in Able2Extract CSV.

  • Convert Any Format to Excel

Easily transfer table structures in various formats directly to Microsoft Excel. Quickly export tabular data from MS Word, PowerPoint, XPS, and other formats to Excel spreadsheets.

  • Set up conversion templates

Save your custom PDF to Excel conversion as a template and save yourself the time spent resetting the same conversion settings for PDFs with the same format. Ideal for monthly invoices and PDF transaction records.

  • Handle inconsistent table structures

Create named table structures to give you more control over the extraction of PDF table data. Manage more efficiently with inconsistent table structures and get accurate conversion results despite differences in PDF tables.

  • Smart Templates

Automate PDF to Excel conversion and more with AI-powered smart templates. Train Able2Extract Professional to accurately find and convert relevant tables from PDF statements and reports. Quickly extract data from a suitable table structure, regardless of the size and position of the table in the PDF document.

  • Master Templates (Batch)

Enjoy the speed of batch conversion and the efficiency of a custom Excel template. Divide PDF documents into different categories and treat each PDF file with category-specific templates. The full version of Able2Extract Professional automatically detects document categories, downloads appropriate templates, and batch converts PDF to Excel or CSV.

  • Find Similar

Look for a specific table structure that appears in a PDF document during a custom Excel conversion. You can only find, select, and transform the specific table structure you need and nothing else. Converting PDF tables to Excel is faster and more accurate than ever.

  • PDF Text Editing

Add new PDF text or remove it right in the viewer window. Easily edit lines and text blocks by adjusting the font, color, and text size.

  • Add Images and Vectors

Embed JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and TIFF images, as well as various vector shapes, into PDF pages to create richer and more personalized PDF content. Include corporate logos and other branding elements.

  • Insert Bates Numbering

Instantly add Bates numbering to PDF pages and easily index your business, medical, and legal documents. Choose from a variety of formatting options – numbering order, prefixes and suffixes, timestamps, and more.

  • Insert Blank PDF Pages

Insert blank pages into PDF and start creating PDF content from scratch. Personalize new pages with text, images, vector shapes, form fields, and more.

  • Merge and Split PDF

Split and merge PDF instantly. Insert pages from another PDF or extract pages into a new PDF. Build and customize your professional PDF directly in Able2Extract Professional Keygen.

  • Resize and Scale PDF pages

Specify the paper size settings for content intended for different types of businesses. Scale PDF pages with content and annotations.

  • PDF file editing

Perform important PDF editing tasks. Simplify document management by changing file metadata or changing PDF viewing settings to suit your readers’ needs.

  • Convert Image-based PDF

Accurately extract image-only PDFs into fully editable and searchable content using advanced OCR technology. Convert scanned PDF files to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCAD, and other formats.

  • Convert Poor Quality Scans

Use the Able2Extract text recognition engine to convert even the worst document scans. Fix italic content and fix the broken and grainy text to smooth fonts and fonts.

  • Extract Scanned PDF Tables into Excel

Stop re-entering scanned tabular and numeric data in Excel. Extract all your image-based PDF tables into a perfectly formatted Excel spreadsheet for easy analysis and manipulation.

  • Multi-language Support

Get high-quality results when extracting scanned PDF text in 4 languages. Use its advanced OCR engine to accurately recognize Spanish, French, and German characters in addition to English.

  • Batch PDF Conversion

Automate the conversion process by queuing large numbers of PDF files and even entire catalogs. Batch converts PDF to various formats from MS Office to AutoCAD and HTML.

  • Batch PDF Creator

Create PDF from multiple files at the same time. Save time with Batch Creator’s ability to merge PDFs during the PDF creation process.

  • Batch Merge Documents

Convert entire PDF folders into a single output file (Word, Excel, AutoCAD, HTML, and more) and merge the generated PDFs immediately. Take your PDF productivity to the next level with powerful 2-in-1 tools.

  • Fill in PDF Forms

Fill out interactive PDF forms in real time by clicking on the fields and entering and editing your information. Specify options with radio buttons and checkboxes, select items from combo boxes and list boxes, and submit with the click of a button.

  • Create and Edit PDF Forms

Turn non-interactive PDF forms into forms you can fill out and reuse, or create PDF forms from scratch. Add text fields, checkboxes, and radio buttons, enter a button, change the field size, change the font color, and more.

  • Compare Any 2 Printable Documents

Compare the two printouts to see the differences between them. Able2Extract Professional License Key helps you quickly check all the differences in a convenient side-by-side view.

  • PDF Annotations

Annotate PDF content and collaborate with others like never before. Able2Extract Professional Crack offers many markup options that can be inserted directly into a PDF page.

  • Add Signatures to PDFs

Insert a valid digital signature into a PDF document from your desktop. Use Able2Extract Professional Activator to sign PDFs with image signatures and digital (cryptographic) certificates and add an extra layer of security to your sensitive documents.

  • Validate PDF Signatures

Verify the authenticity of the digital (cryptographic) signature in the PDF document by checking the signature verification status. Determine the identity of the signer and ensure that the PDF has not been modified in any way since the digital signature was added.

  • Advanced PDF Encryption and Decryption

Protect your sensitive PDF documents with a 256-bit password. Easily encrypt and decrypt existing PDF documents. Set owner and user passwords to control how other users use and interact with your PDF documents.

  • Advanced Permission Levels

Apply advanced file-sharing settings and keep full control over who can print, copy, or edit your confidential PDF documents, even when you’re not at home.

  • PDF Redaction

Permanently remove sensitive information such as social security information or financial information from the PDF file.

  • Watermark PDF

Use Able2Extract Professional Patch to add a watermark to your PDF pages to protect your intellectual property. Make sure no one else can claim your work and steal it from you.

What’s new in Able2Extract Professional

  • Minor bug fixes & improvements.

Operating System:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8, 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11


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