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How to Clone Windows 7 Hard Drive and Resize Partitions in Windows 10

EaseUS Partition Master Free

As the new updates of Windows 10 system rolling out, making it a more mature and reliable computer system, more and more Windows 7 users will upgrade to Windows 10, especially when it is still free. As we all know that we’d better to backup the old system in case that something bad happens, and we have to roll back to Windows 7. You know that Windows allows you to downgrade to Windows 7 only in one month after upgrading. So it important to create a backup of the old system you had on the computer. Actually, it is also necessary to backup all the data on the hard drive before upgrading to Windows 10, thus you would never worry about losing data during the process of system upgrading. So here we need to clone Windows 7 hard drive to external hard drive as a backup for the system, applications/programs, and data.

To perform cloning hard drive, you might need partition management software to do the job. EaseUS Partition Master Free will do exact what you need right now. It provides the feature of “disk copy”, which can clone all the data on the hard drive to an external hard drive.

So how to clone hard drive with EaseUS Partition Master Free?

First you need to download and install this freeware. The installation file can be downloaded from EaseUS Official website or other big download sites. Then select the disk you need to copy as source disk.

EaseUS Partition Master

Disk clone wizard will automatically check the source disk and after check, click “Next”.

Easeus Partition Master 1

Then Choose the Destination Disk – Disk 2, and then click “Next”.

EaseUS Partition Master 2

In the next step, EaseUS Partition Master will delete all the partitions on the destination disk. You can either confirm to proceed or click “Back” to choose another destination disk.

Easeus Partition Master 3

After resizing the partitions on the destination disk, the information of this disk will be displayed. Then click “Finish”.

Easeus Partition Master 4

Finally, you can preview the result on the left panel “Pending Operations”. If it is right, then click “Apply”. Then just wait for the software to do the job.

Quite easy, right? Just follow the wizard.

Now we’re done with the hard drive backup, and you can upgrade to Windows 10 with no worry. After upgrade to Windows 10, the folder named “windows.old” will be reserved on the C drive. This folder will enable you to downgrade to Windows 7. But the size of windows.old is quite big, if your C drive is not big enough, you may need to perform Windows 10 resize partition. EaseUS Parition Mater Free’s main feature is resizing partitions. We may especially talk about this feature in the article next time.

EaseUS Partition Master Free is well-known with its providing so many useful features while at the same time completely free. It also got a Pro version which provides more features, such as converting MBR system disk to GPT, converting dynamic disk to basic, resizing dynamic volume, migrating OS to SSD/HDD, and supporting up to 16 TB hard drive. The pro version only cost $39.95.

Download EaseUS Partition Master Free

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